• Overlapping Magisteria: The 2020 Macfarlane Commissions

Overlapping Magisteria: The 2020 Macfarlane Commissions

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SOUTH AUSTRALIAN ARTIST COMMISSION 2018 Traverse literature and sculpture in 'The Garden', a new immersive exhibition by Julia McInerney, 2017 winner of SALA Festival’s major contemporary art award. Building on McInerney’s celebrated previous works, the exhibition expands on her interest in translation between text and material forms, as well as the symbolic significance of the apple. 'The Garden' comprises new photographic works, hand-carved Applewood sculptures, and a large-scale floor installation of hand-cast concrete tiles, all ordered and contained in a monochromatic vista. Through her ongoing interest in studies of literature and reading, McInerney approaches Walter Benjamin’s idea of ‘reading oneself backwards’ in 'The Garden'. How can our recollection of past events inform our present and future experiences? 48pp, perfect bound ISBN 978 0 646 99054 5